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To the Editor:
As vice-president of the Board of Governors of the Carroll County Park District, I would like to respond to Ed Jones’ letter dated Jan. 10, 2013.

Apparently, Ed feels the utilization of both parks declined significantly in 2012. In the case of Community Park, I respectfully disagree. With respect to Bluebird Farm, there is no question the Parks Board (and the public) would have preferred more activity. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed and the scheduled events at the amphitheater were cancelled when the operators breached their contract and abruptly pulled out in early summer. About that time, the board was in the process of hiring an executive director and decided it would be prudent to defer major decisions until the position was filled.

In August, we hired Dale Alexander, an individual with extensive experience in parks administration, to oversee the operation of our parks. Since they are supported principally through volunteers and private donations, his ongoing directives are to implement plans to increase the public’s use and enjoyment of the parks and determine the public’s desire regarding their future development. As capital projects and other needs are identified, he is responsible for their implementation. Unquestionably, Dale wears many hats but does so enthusiastically.

The board is extremely grateful for the individuals and companies who have generously given their time and/or treasure for the benefits of our parks. With their help, much progress has been made. To ensure future success, it is critical that we identify and provide activities designed to enhance the enjoyment of the parks for the citizens of Carroll County. Towards that end, Dale has accomplished a great deal during his brief tenure including, for example:

-Secured donations for the construction of a baseball and a soccer field (both scheduled to be completed in 2013) at Community Park;

-Reopened the gift shop at Bluebird Farm offering an interesting mix of products consigned by local artists;

-Expanded museum hours at Bluebird Farm Park;

-Met with individual groups interested in operating the restaurant and assisting with the operation of the amphitheater at Bluebird Farm Park. ;

-Scheduled quality programs such as Challenger Soccer, United States Tennis Association programs and Champ Invention.

Dale is a friendly, high-energy guy with great ideas regarding the future of our parks. He is very open-minded and would love to have your input. If you would like to meet him, stop by the park office, located above the gift shop at Bluebird Farm, or give him a call at 330-627-8046. Also, I would encourage you to access our website at www.ccparkdistrict.org.

Rick Hannon
Carroll County Park District 


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