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To the Editor:
Let’s talk about handicap parking spaces. They are for people who need them because they have restricted or limited mobility. The spaces are usually near the entrances to buildings because people with limited mobility are often in danger of falling and walking across a parking lot full of reckless drivers, icy patches and uneven pavement, which increases their risk.

The parking spaces are bigger because people with limited mobility need more room to maneuver themselves and their mobility devices (wheelchairs, walkers, etc) safely and without damaging other vehicles.

If you do not need these spaces, please don’t park in them, not even if you’re “just gonna be a second.” Also, please don’t park partially in them. Have some consideration for people who, through no fault of their own, are not able-bodied as a typical person. It’s frustrating that people need to be reminded in this day and age, especially in this close-knit community.

Mary Molesky
Amsterdam, OH


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