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To the Editor
The Carroll County Animal Protection League held their annual meeting December 7, 2010, with the following election of Officers and Directors for 2011: Eileen Rohrer, President; Erica Zeedyk, vice president; Shelley Albaugh, secretary; Patti Willoughby, treasurer, and additional Board of Directors Roger Fessenmeyer, Merle and Barbara Albrecht.

The Carroll County Animal Protection League’s goal is to build an animal shelter for Carroll County on the property we purchased July 1, 2009 located at 4901 Canton Road, N.W. Carrollton, Ohio.  We started this organization on January 18, 2007.

We know an animal shelter will not eliminate the over-population of cats and dogs due to excessive breeding, but it will be a place for organized adoption, educational programs on spaying and neutering of companion animals, and a sanctuary for the unwanted domestic animals that will come under our care. We have made so much progress and still have a ways to go - our dedication to our goal is evident.

We are ecstatic at the progress we have made so far in four full years. This could not be possible without the generosity and support of the general public, numerous individuals, businesses, civic organization, grant foundations and our growing membership.

We completed Phase III of construction, the two-way driveway entrance to the property by ODOT regulations September 6, 2010. We will be working on completing Phase IV in the spring to summer months of 2011 with the grading of the animal shelter site, parking lot area, well-drilling area, installation of a water run-off drain, and also drilling for the water well as more funding becomes available. The plan in the drier summer months is to install the sewer system plant needed for the animal shelter according to EPA regulations.

To see our progress, learn more about us and how you can help, visit our website at: www.ccapl.webs.com. To contact us by phone, call 330-205-9268, Patti Willoughby, our Public Relations person between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Shelley Albaugh
Carroll County Animal Protection League


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