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To the Editor:
The Coley’s Reunion committee would like to thank all the patrons who attended this year’s reunion. 2012 was the 25th anniversary of the closing of one of Carrollton’s most famous landmarks. As the story goes, Russel was 18 when he bought the stag and  managed the business for 57 years until its closing in 1987. With his permission, and the support of his family, our committee has continued to bring people together for one day to remember this “famous institution of higher learning.”

None of this would be possible if not for the support of the following: the Cole family reunion, Jim Long and his family, the Ron Davis family, Gary Roof, Mesler’s roll-off, Cintas Anheuser-Bush, Carrollton Civic Club, volunteer workers, Rich Jones, Wood’s Grocery Store, Thorne’s Marketplace, Betty Kaye Bakery, Lynn Fox, Algonquin Mill, Carrollton Ace Hardware, Carrollton Schools, John Rutledge, Pepsi-Cola, Gordon’s Graphics, The Depot Bar and Grille, Don Rutledge, Colorscan (Bruce Westfall), Jim Myers, WC Bunting Company, Grady Rentals and the village of Carrollton. We would also like to thank all of you who come out every year and support the auction and event. Proceeds will provide scholarships again this year.

The committee has already begun preparations for next year’s reunion, so mark your calendar for Nov. 29, 2013. Be sure to look at the web site, www.coleystag.com for the latest pictures and updates.
Two other points of interest:

We have Cat’s Meow reproductions of the Lynn Fox painting of Henry Myers walking into Coley’s for $15. They can be purchased at the Holiday Store, McFadden Insurance and the Clerk of Courts office or by calling 330-627-5747.

To the person or persons who took the cardboard “Flo,” the Progressive Insurance representative, we would like her back. The cardboard figure does not belong to us; it was loaned to us for the day. It can be returned to McFadden Insurance with no questions asked.

Coley’s Stag Reunion Committee
Bill Wohlwend, president    


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