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To the Editor:
The Carrollton Elementary PTO would like to thank all those who participated in our annual fundraiser this fall. We raised over $15,000 after expenses.

Many may not realize the activities we support throughout the year. Without our community’s generous contributions, we would not be able to continue to provide these activities for our children. Each year we purchase apples for each student, the awards given out at the end of each nine weeks, birthday cards and pencils, provide a Halloween party, feature a Warrior student spotlight, sponsor field trips, sound systems, overhead projectors, Christmas crafts for the teachers to make with students, physical education equipment, new mats for our physical education room, rubberized mulch for the playground, field day, support the library and much more.

This year we decided to add Red Ribbon Week to our calendar of events. We passed out stickers, wrist bands, pencils and water bottles. We had a week filled with red ribbon attire, a banner for the kids to pledge in leading a healthy lifestyle and a door decoration contest.

The classroom winners (as judged by School Board members Rose Seck and Helen Skinner) include: 1.) Mrs. Baker, second grade, “Don’t get caught in a sticky situation”; 2.) Mrs. Eddy, first grade, “Our mummy tells us to make good choices”; and 3.) Mrs. Kean, third grade, “Drugs don’t grow dendrites”.

Each classroom received free tickets to an athletic event donated by our high school athletic department. Lastly, Officer Fred Alexander, Jr.,  of the Massillon Police Department and Sgt. Tim Timberlake of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, took their time to visit each classroom and remind students the difference between good and bad drugs, never to take drugs off a stranger and bus and Halloween safety. We would love to have your input on this event.

Also, please continue to save your box tops.

Traci Miller
Carrollton PTO Treasurer 


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