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To the Editor:
As an alumnus of the graduating class of 2003 from Carrollton High School, I am deeply disappointed and shocked by the current banner hanging in the high school gymnasium. During a trip to the craft extravaganza Nov. 3, I witnessed the volleyball poster featuring the current high school posing provocatively above the caption, “We Will Drive You.” The sexual nature and ambiguous message is almost too obvious to even warrant an explanation. However, with the clear connotation of the word “drill” coupled with the sexually postured female students, the nature of the banner is explicit and embarrassing. I find it hard to believe this kind of messaging was not only thought of, but approved and hung for the whole community to see.

Understanding that the caption has a connection to athletics, this picture features no visible reference to the volleyball at all. In fact, it includes power tools, wood working machinery and cowboy boots. There is no net, no volleyball or other obvious sports equipment.

I attended Carrollton High School from 1999 to 2003 and I am saddened that my alma mater has chosen to exploit their students in such a degrading manner. I only hope this banner will be removed immediately.

Margo Bell
Carrollton, OH


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