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Following is an open letter to our newly-elected representative Bob Gibbs the FPS was asked to share with readers as a letter to the editor:

Dear Bob:
Please do not make the same mistake your predecessor made. Do not ignore “We the People” and blindly follow party leadership to our own political peril. If the Republican Party leaders start to get a little wobbly in the knees when it comes to undoing the mess they’ve been left, remind them that your constituents will not tolerate being ignored when it comes to reversing job-killing bills and higher taxes.

And remember, you didn’t win by that much in the Republican primary to disregard us. We’re only one and a half years away from the next primary and we’ll be watching your voting record with a microscope.

“We the People” got it right this past Tuesday (Nov. 2) and are politically engaged as never before. We do not want compromise with the Democrats. We won! Any compromise will come from their side, get it? If we wanted bipartisanship there wouldn’t be two major parties, there would only be one. Here are a few of our demands – yes, Bob, demands – you work for us. Defund and repeal healthcare (A power and control bill over “We the People”), say “no” to cap and trade (another power and control bill over us), balance the budget by extending Bush’s tax cuts (this will create jobs and everyone knows the government gets more revenue when people are working) and stop spending like drunken sailors (with apologies to drunken sailors).

There are to be no more bank bailouts, period. Healthy banks will fill the void. And, no more stimulus bills to take from us and give to the government; for the government to create jobs is idiotic at best. Protect us from a foreign invasion on all of our borders: see Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution. And speaking of the Constitution, read it! Since when can the government take over the automotive industry?

I know you don’t get sworn in until January, but start working now to make things happen the day the Republicans take over the House of Representatives. Time is short and the work needs to begin immediately to bring our country back from the brink of disaster. We want the United States of America back! No excuses. Remember two things about excuses: excuses are for losers and they only satisfy the people who make them up.
Congratulations on your victory Bob. “We the People” will be watching and keeping score.

Terry C.  Menefee
Malvern, OH


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