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To the Editor:
This letter is in response to two letters last week about the Ohio Governor’s race, Senate and Congressional races.

Those letters were pretty much one-sided. We have been losing Ohio jobs for a long time because we have had a state government with an anti-business mentalilty. Why is it that Indiana and Pennsylvania have a lower unemployment rate? It could be their tax codes are more business friendly. The states in the most financial trouble and close to bankruptcy are New York, Illinois, California and Michigan which are controlled by Democrats.

I’m not saying we are as bad off as those states, but look at what is happening in New Jersey with a new Republican governor. He is cleaning house and turning the state around economically. Maybe new ideas like New Jersey’s Governor Cris Christie are needed.

In reference to the House and Senate seats, do you really want the same control of Congress? Ask yourself this, why are the incumbents not running on their records? When they can’t defend their record and debate the issues, the only thing left it to throw mud; character assignation.

Randy Miller
Carrollton, OH


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