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To the Editor:
Only in America could John Kasich contribute to the cause of major unemployment while a congressman by voting to outsource 49,000 jobs to Mexico and 91,000 jobs to China and then blame Governor Strickland.  If that was not bad enough, John Kasich then voted to give American businesses tax breaks to send more jobs out of the country.

At a recent political rally, he blamed Ted Strickland for National Cash Register (NCR) moving to Georgia.  The truth is NCR moved most of the jobs to Atlanta 18 years ago because my brother-in-law was one of those transferred from Dayton.

John Kasich was employed by Lehman Brothers, where he pressured Ohio pension officials to invest hundreds of millions of dollars.  When Lehman Brothers collapsed, Ohio Pension Funds lost $480 million but John Kasich did not lose a dime, only his job.  He was given a bonus of thousands of dollars called a severance package.

If he had any self-respect, honor or integrity, he would have refused to accept the money.

A good example of Kasich’s character was when he made fun of Strickland’s childhood years when his family was forced to live in a chicken coop when their home was destroyed by fire.

Marc Blanc
North Canton


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