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To the Editor:
It has been almost 20 years since the last of our three children graduated from Malvern High School. And it is with great pride that we can say that each of them received educational and athletic experiences seldom accessible in larger school districts. And although those years have passed, the facilities that were adequate for providing the solid educational foundation and lasting memories for our children and many others have become antiquated and economically burdensome for future generations. We can no longer expect to successfully educate children for the 21st century in facilities designed for the past.

It is with great expectation that we, the citizens of Brown Township, must realize the curtain is rising on an opportunity that presents itself but once in a lifetime. That opportunity will enable your children and grandchildren to receive the latest and best educational experience possible in a safe and expertly designed facility.
It will be a modern structure designed to meet the needs of students preparing for life in a world much different from ours. This is not just an obligation, but a reality that is within our reach. We may never get this chance again. It is our time and our choice. We must for the sake of our children and our community make every attempt possible to provide exceptional facilities and programs for our future leaders and workers.

We are hoping that you will join us in supporting the upcoming school levy that will set the groundwork for the future of our community. We can be proud of an exemplary school facility that will demonstrate the pride and support for our children for years to come.

Norm and Nancy Mankins
Malvern, OH


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