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To the Editor:
On Nov. 5, we will be asked again to approve a 5.3 mill levy for Carrollton schools. When we last voted this levy down, they claimed it would only cost the owner of a $100,000 home $160 per year. The state of Ohio will no longer pay the first 12.5 percent of our tax bill. The levy will not cost the same homeowner $203 per year.

In addition to the above, the total valuation of Carroll County real estate (your home and mine) has been raised by $750,000. This means that without voting for any levy, our taxes are going up. The school will benefit since they receive the biggest share of the tax dollar.

The school system will receive additional tax dollars without the levy. Because of all the oil wells being drilled in the county. Fact is after these wells are completed, the county auditor is charging the land owners a recoup fee for the past three years taxes for the difference between what they paid on the Current Agriculture Use Value (CAUV) and what they will now pay on a commercial use rate. Again the school will receive the biggest share of this money.

While the school may need a little money, the district administration needs to tighten its belt like the taxpayers have had to do for several years. This levy is for $1.75 million per year for five years. It is for nothing specific so it can be used for anything, including wages. It is time that schools and government realize there is a limit that taxpayers can support.

The figures I used in this letter can be verified with the county auditor and state of Ohio. I hope this information helps you vote.

Larry Garner
Carrollton, OH


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