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To the Editor:
From its inception, Atwood Regional Water and Sewer District based charges on access to the sewer instead of volume of discharge. Summer residents in the area have always paid the full monthly fee year round although many were here only three months a year. Vacant trailers, while still on a lot, paid the full fee although the hook up was disconnected and checked by district employees that it was disconnected. Commercial business closed or not operating are still required to pay the full monthly fee. Uninhabitable houses still pay the full monthly fee as long as they stand.

Sewer users have been informed their monthly fee is being increased Oct. 1 from $40 to $43 because the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District requested a reduction in the monthly sewer bill for the Atwood Resort property. The sewer board approved a partial suspension in the billing for the resort of $3,800 per month.

Each user is now required to pick up the extra cost of this reduction for the MWCD. In addition to the tax levied as an assessment on property owners in the Conservancy District, sewer users will further subsidize the MWCD. This underscores the need to dissolve the Conservancy District and put everything under the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Donna Hall
Dellroy, OH


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