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To the Editor:
Our open house Sept. 4 at the Golden Age Retreat turned out phenomenal. It may not have been the best weather day, but as the old adage goes, “ it could have been worse.” The community supported us with a large turnout and many of our residents bundled up against the chill to participate as well.

The fact that we served good food was no surprise as Nana’s Snack Shack has a fine reputation and our kitchen staff is the best! Also, our own Carroll Golden Age Retreat kitchen staff’s chili was again voted #1 out of all the delicious entries. Thanks to all who entered and all who lent their tasting ability to make the Chili Cook-Off such a success.

Special thanks must be directed to Kevin Niedig for his generosity and expertise at making homemade ice cream. Burr, it was good! Kevin’s lovely assistant for the day was Carroll County Junior Dairy Princess Brittany Rohr.

We had a group of talented musicians to keep the toes a tappin’! John Berecek’s velvet voice crooned to those who stayed inside while other talented performers produced music to dine by outdoors. Lee Halsey and Paul Jacobowski, the accordian duo, and Larry Santee’s of Time Band were great. We appreciate all of you for blessing us with your vocal and instrumental expertise.

Spikeman kept the car show participants and viewers happily entertained with his D.J. talents. We thank you as well, Tom, for the part you  played in networking prior to the event.

Lastly, we need to acknowledge those generous local businesses that gifted us with donations for our prize drawings. With the assistance of our tireless volunteer, Sandi Tasker, we were able to collect items or gift certificates from over 60 different businesses. Nearly everyone we contacted was able to donate. Shopping locally makes sense.

Our 50/50 winner was Patty Atkins, who on the day before, celebrated her 53rd birthday.

Kathy Horn, Activity Director
Ollie Hawkins, Superintendent
Carroll Golden Age Retreat


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