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To the Editor:
As operations manager of the Carroll County Visiting Nurse Association, I am very concerned about the crisis in healthcare today.

I understand the state and federal governments have no choice but to reduce their expenses and healthcare is an obvious target for cuts. What I don’t understand is cutting the most cost effective and preferred type of care right along with the types of care that are causing the exploding costs. In the 35 years I have been associated with Carroll County Visiting Nurse Association, home health has been consistently proven to provide high quality care at a fraction of the cost of inpatient services. Our patients regularly told us that home is where people prefer to receive care.

In addition, a person typically gets better quicker at home surrounded by family and friends following their normal  routine instead of in a hospital or nursing home.

Yet the planned cuts are likely to make it impossible for home care to continue to offer these services, especially for people with complex or expensive care needs. If home health isn’t available to care for these people, they will have no choice but to go into an inpatient setting which will cost many times what home health care would. If elected officials want to reduce health care costs, home health care should be expanded instead of cut.

Now while Congress is in recess and back in their home districts, it is your opportunity  make your opinion known. I strongly encourage people to contact their state legislators and federal Congressmen and ask them to support home health care as the best choice to reduce health care costs and improve the lives of the ill and/or elderly residents of our area.

Donna Walters
Operations Manager
Carroll County Visiting Nurse Association


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