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To the Editor:
I would like to start off by telling everyone that on Nov 6, 2012 is the most critical decision of our lives here in Ohio. This government has to find out this country is run on The Declaration of Independence  “We The People, For The People, By The People”. When the people are afraid of the government it’s tyranny and when the government is afraid of the people it’s freedom. We are losing our freedom and our liberty, and people don’t see it coming until it hits you in the face; that’s how blind you are. That’s right Ohio wake up. On that day we will go to the voting booth for the critical vote of our lives.   This is not scary anymore; this is terrifying.  What we have in this administration is a wolf in sheep clothing.  Our rights come from nature and God, not from the government.
This administration has spent over $6T in less than four years.  Give Obama  $938B, why don’t we just say $1T for a stimulus, and $760B for Obama health care, which he took from Medicare to pay for it. Obama’s health care is going to destroy this United States of America. Oh we can’t forget about the solar company’s Solendra and Solar First ($538M) that went bankrupt and this administration knew that they were in trouble, but they still gave them the money anyway, which we will never see again.  How about the Pizter car company in Ireland that we bailed out, like we bailed out GM and Chrysler Car Company. They say we got paid but we didn’t.  GM stock is $20 a share today, it has to get to $53 a share, then we get paid: we haven’t got paid as of yet.

When Obama and Joe the Plumber were on TV, and Obama said, we have to spread the wealth; we didn’t know that Obama meant across the pond. This United States has its own big problems and we have someone in (our) White House (not his) that cares less. As long as he can get into Air Force One and fly for a week, he doesn’t care about us. This man ducks the tough issues, and is not a leader; he is trying to be dictator and he loves I,I,I, and me,me, me. I believe he has been on the golf course more than in the Oval Office. If this man gets into the office for another four years he will be an unbridled horse going down the track at full gallop with no one in his way, because he doesn’t have to please anyone.

Remember what Obama said to Secretary of Russia about “let me get reelected and I’ll have more time.” What did he mean; everything is done behind closed doors just like they shoved Obama health care down our throats?  This health care is costing us $1T a year and this is saving money.  Oh, let us not forget that if you build a business, “that you didn’t build it.” Remember the government does not produce anything, they like spending money that doesn’t belong to them.

Unemployment is at 8.3% and it’s more like 15%, and gasoline is $3.89/gallon, (it was $1.83 /gal when he got into office) energy costs are still on the rise, just like food prices, clothing and appliance prices are on the rise. When does it stop?  The poverty stricken rate is 1 out of 6 and the housing market is still in the tank. What we need are jobs, and what does Obama do, shut down the Keystone Pipe Line, which would bring jobs here. Obama sent two oil wells to Brazil and $2B dollars along with it and said we would be their best customer. What’s wrong with this picture? I’ll tell you what’s wrong; we have the resources here in the United States but Obama hates anyone who has success. But he enjoys it for himself, but not any one else.

Obama took the oath of office to protect US borders and he’s doing a poor job at that. We have no problem at the north border, but we sure have problems on the south border.  No more on “Fast and Furious”, so they got away with that incident. Obama has sued more states than any other president.

On Friday evening he had another party to celebrate Ramadan. When are we going to realize that this man is a socialist, communist, Marxist, and Muslim? 

Here is something I would like you to think about: yes our President went to school in Indonesia under the name of Berry Sorboro and they called him “Little Berry”. He went to school there so he had to be a citizen of Indonesia; you cannot go to school unless you are a citizen of Indonesia. Then he comes to the United States as a foreign exchange student and goes to college free.  Where is Obama’s grades and transcripts from college (sealed). Then he has a Social Security number from the state of Connecticut, why is that? Yes we voted for a person we knew absolutely nothing about, and put him in the highest office in the world. Do we place our trust in government or in the American people?  So, Ohio lets get out there and vote and make sure that we don’t make the same mistake, twice. 

Yes Ohio, you want this administration that closed five BEP power plants in Ohio because they burned clean coal, not like it was 20 years ago.  What does Ohio have: coal, and what did Obama say when he was running for office, I’ll destroy the coal companies, and what did Ohio do but vote him in office and destroy the jobs here. Thanks Ohio!

Don Nocera
Dellroy, Oh.


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