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To the Editor:
I would make a few statements and comments about Mr. Brooks letter to you.

1. I have not heard anyone say Tim Brooks ever did less than an excellent job.

2. It was decided, however, that his level of work was unable to be afforded. I do not want to see my electric bill increase by Carroll Electric buying a Cadillac job while on a Chevy budget.

3. Mr. Brooks standards are, no doubt, very high. However the standard for the job is not established by those performing the work, but by those paying for the work. 
Carroll Electric Cooperative Inc. is one of the very few examples we have that demonstrates true democracy at work. We, the consumers, are different than others. We are members of the company (not simply consumers as Mr. Brooks suggests) and as such, in a truly democratic way, we elect the trustees who we chose to have oversight of the business. We elect them to make the decisions for us. They see to the hiring of competent persons to run this business for us. And these, elected by and chosen by us, have done their job well.

The attacks upon this group we elected are no doubt, in my opinion, completely unjust. These are dedicated trustees and management staff who do their job well. Change is often difficult to accept. But I see fewer outages and the outages that occur are of a shorter duration than I can recall in my 20 plus years of being a proud member of this group.

There are those who comment freely in the publications, seemingly supporting Mr. Brooks, who attack the trustees we selected to run this business for us: those who seem intent on having what we pay for electric service higher than it is. We elected the trustees to see that we get the best service possible and the lowest cost to us. Again, the trustees are doing exactly what we have expected them to do: look out for our best interests. I urge all who are members to do their democratic duty and be at the annual meeting where trustees will be selected and elected and vote.

William H. Stewart
Dellroy, OH


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