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To the Editor:
The John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail “Last Night and the Last Day” Committee would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to those who made this July 27 and 28 weekend a wonderful success.

Many people contributed their time, funds and talents to bring to life this historic time in our local history. Special thanks to the Bergholz Community Foundation, Ruritan and Fire Dept. and Springfield Twp. Trustees for helping us invite people into their town to relive Morgan’s Raid. Postmaster T.J. Balint not only helped plan and organize this event, he catered a meal for almost 300 people. Thanks to The Rawson’s Bluegrass and Awesome Possum for playing while Bill and Laura Nordan, aka John and Mattie Morgan, taught us to dance the Virginia Reel. What a blast! We appreciate Bill and Laura coming from Lexington, KY, to make our Morgan’s Raid weekend come to life; Morgan descendant Sarah Caldwell, thanks for helping us commemorate Morgan’s Cousin Keziah’s part in the raid, and to Mary Ann Arvin who came from Kentucky to follow the trail. MaryAnn’s Great Grandfather, James William Bonny, 7th Kentucky Cavalry, surrendered with Morgan’s Raiders at West Point.

A special thanks to the Mount Zion Church Ladies for the cookie table and picking up our pieces, we can always count on you and the Ross Twp. Trustees to support our causes. A special thank you goes to Jefferson County Commissioner Dr. Thomas Graham, Salem Twp. Trustee Terry Bell and Charlie Green from the JCHS for sharing your talents and knowledge; Local Historian and former Gettysburg Ranger Jeff Evans; Roger Mickers from the Ohio Historical Society Sesquicentennial Committee; and Custer Memorial Association. Thank you to Bobby Jo Wells and her family, Cass Hutchison, Union Cemetery, Two Ridge Presbyterian Church, Riley’s Church, 1860’s Ladies, Sons of the Confederate Soldiers at West Grove Cemetery Vigil and the Wellsville River Museum for making this event memorable. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot at all of these places.

Thanks to Bob and Polly Givens for offering their cabin on Yellow Creek to our guests for the weekend, they loved it. We thank Ohio Historical Society Sesquicentennial Comm. Member and Author of Morgan’s Great Raid, David Mowery, for being in charge of the OHS JHM Heritage Trail signs and Scott Fabian and the Jefferson County Engineers Office for installing them.  Thank You to all of you who bought our reprinted fundraiser and promotional book, The Last Night and The Last Day, we could not hold these events without your support; the ESC at New Philadelphia for printing the book and our JHM Drive-It-Anytime Brochure, M & M Hardware, Nelson’s and Fort Steuben for selling it for us, and Dr. Keith Burgett and Wellsville Museum for letting us use their books to copy.  Thanks also to Kenco and Carryout Express for their donations.

 As always we want to express special appreciation to the local newspapers, Ester McCoy at Steubenville Herald Star and Leigh Ann Rutledge at Carrollton Free Press Standard, we could not host these events without your informative coverage. 

Virginia Glenn
Irondale, OH


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