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To the Editor:
Thanks to Terry Vahila and Randy Miller for their recent letters to this paper. It’s comforting to know there are others who see Mr. Obama and his circle of cohorts as they truly are. Within the last year, they have done more to bring about the Karl Marx theory of enslaving this beautiful country without firing a shot by causing us to financially hemorrhage than was accomplished within the last 60 years.  Why didn’t more people actually listen to what Obama said prior to the election? He said he planned to “fundamentally transform America” but failed to say his goal was socialism. He also said “Retribution is not enough – I want more.” Think about it! Why wasn’t there more investigation into his radical and Muslim background?

Mr. Obama refuses to listen to us, the people. He surrounds himself with advisors and czars who are known radicals, communists and socialists. The goal of this group is to make us more dependent on government handouts (slaves) and to achieve total control of all banks, big business, education, health care and communications (including the Internet). He has made Congress virtually useless by using “Executive Order” and other trickery to accomplish his agenda.

Mr. Obama is using the BP oil disaster to his advantage by deliberately delaying efforts to protect beaches and cleanup. The larger the mess, the more ammunition it gives him to promote his Cap and Trade Energy program which will give him complete control over our electricity, gas, oil and coal. If you think these items are expensive now, just wait! This act, in addition to our grossly increasing energy costs, gives government the right to demand that appliances be replaced with “energy saving” appliances before a house can be sold  and the right to enter your home to close off electrical outlets if they determine you are using too much electricity. The Obama moratorium to stop all drilling in the Gulf is another deliberate act to drive oil sources away and causing the loss of thousands of jobs. Drillers are pulling out and going to Brazil or other countries. (When a plane crashes, you don’t shut down all air traffic.)

The health care bill recently passed is another infringement into our privacy and will definitely cause rationed care. The financial regulatory legislation passed last week permits an “appointed czar” the authority to access any of your financial records – checking accounts, credit cards, etc. These regulations, however, do not apply to government agencies such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, which caused failure of the housing market to begin with.

Mr. Bush and many of his predecessors were not perfect, but the man in the White House now is frightening: his lack of humility, lack of experience (working, military, anything productive), lack of American culture, pride or religion and his belief that he is both omnipotent and omniscient are definitely not good American leadership qualities. The fact that we must survive another two and one-half years of this is terrifying! By then, will anyone be permitted to express such opinions? Think about it.

Mary Ann Marshall
Carrollton, OH


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