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To the Editor:
Danger! When we hear someone speak the things we want to hear, it is easier to be duped by what they really mean. I believe the “Cut, Cap and Balance” bill is a step in the right direction, but listening to some reps defend it concerns me.

One freshman rep said, “This is Obama’s problem... he caused this”. Obama is guilty of grossly pushing larger national debt with socialistic agendas, but he did not cause this problem himself. We did by years of allowing both parties to carelessly spend and expand the Federal Government.

The rep who said this is a member of the Tea Party Caucus, but this was a Republican party statement. We need reps that will say, “This problem is a result of both parties’ out of control spending over decades, and we are here to stop it!”

When Mitch McConnell says, “You can stand on the side of the President for more debt, or you can join us for sound economic principles,” then you are simply hearing the political button of the hour. Do not forget, patriots, that McConnell has been on Capital Hill since 1985 through many debt ceiling increases!

We cannot afford party politics anymore. Literally. I believe in the economic principles the true conservatives are fighting for, but our crisis is not truly economic. We are in a Constitutional crisis that must be resolved, or the debt battle is in vain. Here is the message: Restore Constitutional authority, or go home.

Hombre Liggett
4210 Broad Run Dairy Rd, Dover, OH.


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