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To the Editor:
It is the time of year when we are faced with storms that come with the warm weather. The Auditor’s Office wants to remind property owners that if they have damage caused by a storm, they may qualify for a temporary reduction in property value which in turn means tax relief.

State law allows county auditors to reduce property values, and subsequently property taxes, for homes and businesses significantly damaged by fire or other causes. The law allows for property values to be reduced on a sliding scale per quarter of the year in which the damage occurs with a reduction of up to 75 percent available for damage that happened by June 30.

Owners whose property was damaged during the June 29 severe weather should obtain an application for a property tax reduction from the Auditor’s Office. The application asks owners the nature of the damage and an estimate of the cost to repair the damage. The completed application can be delivered in person to the Auditor’s Office or mailed to Carroll County Auditor, 119 S. Lisbon St., Suite 203, Carrollton, OH  44615.

If a home has been damaged and the Auditor’s office is notified, a official from the office will be sent out to view the damage.

If a property’s value is significantly reduced because of the damage, the real estate tax bill on the property also will be reduced until the property is restored to its previous condition. The property tax reduction would be reflected on the property’s next tax bill, which is due in January.

Part of the appraisal process is to determine when repairs to the structure should be complete and the office would be following up to make sure owners are being credited for the time their property is damaged.

Most residents to do not realize their damaged property could be eligible for a property tax reduction.

E. Leroy VanHorne
Carroll County Auditor 


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