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To the Editor:
On May 18 at 8 a.m. a senior assembly was held at Carrollton High School. My nephew was scheduled to receive three awards: National Honor Scoiety, National Technical Honor Society and Outstanding Vocational Student. His proud grandparents and parents arrived at the high school expecting to see their senior receive his awards. His name was listed on the program but where was he?

Carrollton High School Principal Dave Davis made this senior get on the bus and go to Buckeye Career Center. My nephew and other CHS/Buckeye students were denied their right to attend the assembly and receive their awards. Is this how Mr. Davis rewards students who have worked hard for two years at Carrollton High School and two years at Buckeye Career Center? Carrollton High School is their home school. They deserve to be honored with their classmates and not banned because their have chosen to further their education at Buckeye.

Karen Dreussi
1972 CHS graduate
Fort Myers, FL


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