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To the Editor:
Thanks to Ed Feulner of the very conservative think tank, “The Heritage Foundation,” for reminding me of the value of government regulations. Guide horses notwithstanding, government regulations are what keep us safe, our water pure, our air clean and, yes, our information on diet and health up to date. Now we are to have that same information on vending machines and it will provide 7,000 additional jobs per year. Yes, if it will cost 14 million hours of additional work that Ed claims, it will require 7,000 more people to do that work.

Do the math, Ed. This is great! Seven thousand more people working, making money to buy not only those snacks, but real food, too. I’m glad Ed pointed this out to me. Hurray for those 7,000 jobs.  Bring on more government regulations. That one, on calorie counts, works to improve my choices. Yes, improve my choices at the vending machine and creates 7,000 jobs.

The Health Care Act, when it is fully implemented will also provide jobs. More nurses, techs, aides, more hospital rooms and people to clean them, etc. Forty million people added to the system means adding jobs to serve them. On the other hand, all this deficit cutting cuts services and cuts jobs. More people working means more tax money coming in. Did anyone stop to consider that in their plan to cut the deficit, balance the budget? We need to create jobs, not cut them.

Does a few cents more per bag of chips means so much to us? No. I can choose not to buy them.

Does putting more people back to work mean a lot to me? Yes.

Does keeping a health care act that means we won’t be dumped by our insurance company or bump up against the life time crap of benefits mean a lot to me? Yes.

Does giving teachers’ unions back their power mean a lot to me? Yes. I want teachers to get better at what they do, not poorer or unemployed.

Regulations do not always mean loss of jobs. Regulations are there to help us, the people of America. Shower head and low flow toilet regulations may be stupid, but they stimulate research as they save a previous resource – water. (Okay, we in NE Oho have lots of water. Other places don’t.)

I like calorie counts and ingredient labels. Those regulations keep us healthy! They give us choices!

Carolee Luecken
Sherrodsville, OH


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