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To the Editor:
I am going to learn to send smoke signals. Yup, if it worked for our Native Americans, it might work for me. My husband and I have had our business in Carroll County for almost 10 years. We have tried to obtain Internet broadband service through a variety of providers to no avail. With rapid communications a must in this day and age, and no available service, I am going to have to take matters into my own hands.

Warner Cable won’t lay the additional cable an extra four miles to my house; Horizon, “your Carroll County connection” says their service is undetermined where I live; Frontier has us on some type of waiting list and Verizon keeps trying to sell us equipment for service they don’t yet have.

The Free Press Standard announced in August 2010 that $118 million of grant money from the American Recovery and Investment Act was being made available to Appalachian counties. Obviously none of the above mentioned companies are using any of this money in my area, so I am going to apply for grant money to finance my smoke signaling business.

I figure there will be a lot of demand for my new skills. All of those companies that are suppose to be moving into Ohio to support oil fracing are going to need rapid communication. Since they will probably experience the same problems trying to obtain broadband service, there should be a demand for smoke signals. The only downside I can see is I will not be able to use an on-line instructional video for training purposes.

I once said I would vote for any politician who could make broadband happen. So far I’ve heard a lot of promises, but not actual service. As I said, I’m going to have to take matters into my own hands.

A pitch to all of you out there looking for broadband service who want to try some “new” technology, look me up.

Salva Sedlak
J&S Consulting
Dellroy, OH


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