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To the Editor:
Where is our national gratitude for God’s amazing grace?

It is a question I have been asking myself lately given the state of this dysfunctional union. Is there no American who will stand up and state, “Enough of this nutty political correctness that is going on in this grand republic of ours?”
Example: Some of the news itself has become so vulgar you can hardly bring yourself to discuss it with your spouse, much less the neighbor down the street. Have we, as human beings and Americans, no couth anymore? Have we forgot there are consequences for every thought, word and deed?

Unless, in my opinion, a few Americans stand up and defend the founding principals of our Declaration of Independence and federal Constitution that form our government, civil society and our unique culture in general we are going to owe the God of the Bible an apology!
Why, you ask?

Because one wonders how many times we have to be reminded of the liberties we were given, the bounties we have enjoyed, the national protection He has provided. Yet daily, we hear the insults hurled at Almighty God.
Lastly, do we suppose in perverting His words by legalizing unnatural acts (gay marriage) that even an animal would not involve itself in, that we somehow will avoid the consequences of our national transgressions and ingratitude?
All of history says otherwise.

Gary Ervin
New Philadelphia, OH


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