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To the Editor:
I am not voting for the Malvern school levy. Here’s why: Since Jan. 1, 2013, my take home pay has dropped around $80 a month due to the two percent increase in Society Security and my heath care premiums increasing $80 per month times 12 months year for a total of $960. Anyone on Social Security and working is already paying more taxes with more increases in health care costs and more decreases in Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid coming every year moving forward. Just think what the next 30 years will bring. Plus, the administration will ask for additional funding over the next 30 years, mark my words.

That’s not my only reason for not voting for the levy. Our school administration has not kept up the school building for quite a few years. The front of the building where the concrete is peeling should have been fixed at the first sign of a crack, not ignored and hoped it would go away. It can still be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new school. I was in the concrete business for 38 years and this is not that expensive of a repair as are the rest of the repairs; not $21 million as stated by the administration. Why didn’t they get three quotes on these repairs from general contractors, not some friend of the board of education in Columbus.

Also, the building they want is too expensive. Why weren’t other options considered? Schools are built around the country out of precast, prestreed, box culverts and tilt-up concrete. These are finished and expandable that blends in with the building. These are a lot less expensive and are finished much faster than the building the administration wants. Also, what they want is a smaller school than our present school so with our area projected to grow with all the new oil and gas wells, this school will be too small when it’s finished and portables will have to be installed at an additional cost.

In closing, our administrator has only one building to take care of and her salary is above the rest of the administrators in our area who have more than one building. However, they are maintained as for preventative maintenance; not let go, hoping it will “go away.”

I will vote for a levy to fix the old school as long as I feel the quotations are valid. Also, lots of times I go by the school and see windows left open overnight and all weekend in the winter and summer and air conditioners are running during the same time period. Someone should be held responsible to check on these every evening. I also wish the administration would put more emphasis on getting the band growing and installing a new track so we can have a home track meet. If Minerva can get an artificial football field, we should have had a track years ago.

George Leyda
Malvern, OH


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