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To the Editor:
As someone who completed her first obedience title in 1980 and has had the opportunity to see various types of service dogs work and meet their handlers, including a K-9 unit from a larger city in our area, I would like to respond to the article with Mr. Wirkner’s idea to kennel the K-9 units at the dog pound when they are not being called upon to work.

How ridiculous to put a K-9 service dog in an area where he could come in contact with all types of germs or even aggressive dogs. You also don’t know what types of aggressive behaviors he might learn while there.

The K-9s are a wonderful asset to our police force and community and should be cared for and treated with respect. I see kenneling the K-9 unit at the dog pound as a huge disservice to our community with transportation costs, potential vet bills and a slower response time. Most of all, the disservice to those dogs which went through hundreds of hours of training and are so willing to assist you with nothing more expected for their work than praise.

Can’t the commissioners find a corner that their dogs could have their own crate (house) when their handlers are otherwise busy?

Erma McCullough
Sherrodsville, OH


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