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To the Editor:
I am writing in response to a letter printed last week from George Keyser. In his submission, he claimed attacks from Democrats regarding Governor Kasich’s Jobs Budget 2.0 to be shameful. I respectfully disagree and for the following reasons we have every right to be concerned about his proposals.

Governor Kasich’s first budget cut education funding and local governments, rendering them barely functional. He claimed to increase school funding this time around, informing school superintendents across the state that districts in less affluent areas would see more funding this time. There is no need to spread lies about this one; he simply wasn’t truthful. Most districts in eastern and southeastern Ohio are left right where he put them. Both Brown Local and Carrollton will see no increase, yet there is some funding for taxpayers to share with for-profit charter schools.

Local governments are left struggling yet again in this proposal.
Mr. Keyser claims this budget cuts small business taxes by 50 percent which is true, yet he also claims it will save middle class families more money by doing so. That is the part that is wrong. While cutting taxes on small businesses, the proposal increases taxes on services that middle class taxpayers seek. In addition to sales tax that already exists (to be fair, he cuts that by .5 percent), consumers will pay for services; almost every service you can imagine. His proposal would add taxes to the following (just to name a few): healthcare, education, construction, residential rent, daycare, insurance premiums, trash removal, dog grooming, haircuts and yes, even funeral services. Truth be told, nothing about cutting income taxes or taxes on small businesses and then increasing the tax on services is about saving middle class taxpayers money. To the contrary, we would be the ones who suffer under these proposals and rather than closing a gap between the rich and the poor, it only serves to widen it.

A cautious approach is the best approach when dealing with Governor Kasich. In his one term in office, he has slashed local government funding, school funding, turned down federal money to deliver a high speed rail system in the state, moved to privatize state institutions from prisons to talk of selling the turnpike, lost in his effort to steal away the bargaining rights of firefighters, teachers and police officers when we took down SB5 in 2011, and too many other moves too numerous to mention.

I agree with Mr. Keyser on one point: Ohio families should really look at the proposal and decide if it would benefit them, their children and their communities.

Barb Lawrence
Malvern, OH


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