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To the Editor
This letter is about the flooding on Avalon Rd., also known as Carroll County Road 20. My wife and I, along with many others who reside on Avalon Rd., are stranded due to the high water in Atwood Lake.

The high water is due to the heavy rainfall of February 28. Today is March 16, 2011.

I am told by people at the Dover office of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers it is unknown at this time when the lake will go down. The first priority is to reduce the water in the Zoar area, so that the Tuscarawas schools can reopen. This is understandable.

What is not understandable is why has nothing been done in all the years since Avalon Rd. was lowered? It makes no sense to look at a highway that goes down grade as it approaches a large area of water on both sides of the road. This condition has only gotten worse as the years go by. Why?

A few years ago the MWCD was allowed to assess all land owners in the 18 counties that make up the district $12 per year, which is to generate about Ten million per year for Twenty years or about $200 Million Dollars. This money is to be spent on infrastructure improvements and maintenance only. A high ranking person of the MWCD told me a few years ago that this money could be used to help pay for raising Avalon Rd.  A member of the MWCD board of trustees laughed when I asked him if this was a possibility.  The question I have is this: These same people who are to decide how to spend $200 million are the same people that a few years ago decided to make a large dollar investment in the Atwood Lodge and then recently closed the whole complex.  Are these people qualified to spend the $200 million wisely, and for the betterment of the people?

We think the elected people of Carroll County should investigate the raising of Avalon Rd.  This situation is unacceptable, not only to the residents, but to all people who travel this road.

Does the construction of the New Towne Mall in New Philadelphia have anything to do with the frequent flooding?

It seems to us that WE THE PEOPLE are not being properly served by the persons in charge.

Tony & Marie Rozler
Dellroy, OH


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