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To the Editor:
I am responding to Mr. Robert Warren’s letter to the Editor in the Feb. 20 issue of The Free Press Standard.

Unfortunately, like most, Mr. Warren is unaware of who is responsible for maintaining railroad grade crossings in Ohio.

The law is clear…the railroad company owning the crossing is 100% responsible for the maintenance of the crossing surface. There is no “passing the buck”. In this case, Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company owns the crossing at Main St. (#47464N).

Ohio Revised Code 4955.20 Highway crossings and sidewalks – maintenance and repair:

“Companies operating a railroad in this state shall build and keep in repair good and sufficient crossings over or approaches to such railroad, its tracks, sidetracks and switches, at all points where any public highway, street, lane, avenue, alley, road or pike is intersected by such railroad, its tracks, sidetracks or switches. Such companies shall build and keep in repair good and sufficient sidewalks on both sides of streets intersected by their railroads, the full width of the right of way owned, claimed or occupied by them. The board of township trustees should have power to fix and determine the kind and extent, and the time and manner of constructing, crossings and approaches.”

Local highway authorities have a duty to ensure Ohio laws are enforced and railroad track (surfaces) are maintained by railroads to ensure the safety of the motoring public.

Numerous tragedies have occurred involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, even people in wheel chairs that have become stuck due to uneven or poorly maintained railroad grade crossings.

To learn more visit www.angelsontrack.org

Vicky L. Moore, Trustee Founder
The Angels on Track Foundation


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