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To the Editor:
I was extremely disappointed to read the comment made by Rep. Robert Hagan in the Youngstown Vindicator Feb. 20, 2011. This behavior must stop. Mr. Hagan sems to have a history of behavior not becoming a gentleman and should truly be ashamed of himself. If Mr. Hagan cannot see how his comment “Buckwheat” is offensive to black Americans, then he needs educated on black history.

I truly feel most of the community, no matter what color, are offended by Mr. Hagan’s past behavior. If he is not a racist, he is sounding like one and should consider the reflection on our local representatives and our community before he opens his mouth. Mr. Hagan says he has a history of supporting equal rights and civil rights. However it is evident he is ignorant to the history and culture of the minority community.

Mr. Hagan might want to consider this unfailing rule: If you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Brenda Mack
Canfield, OH


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