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To the Editor:
The President and his party are pushing to increase the minimum wage to $10. Remember, America is not made up of large corporations. There are six million-plus businesses out there that want to create more jobs every day and fight all kinds of problems. Most people think there is no such thing as small business. They think they’re all huge and the people who own them are all rich.

What people don’t understand is the fragility of most small businesses. They are not owned by rich people and they don’t have a stash of money somewhere. Did you know the owner pays himself last? But most people don’t know this: it’s due to what they’re taught and the institutional bias against capitalism that’s part of the Democratic Party.

If a guy has 10 people taking 50 percent of his budget with wages and those wages are arbitrarily raised, it’s not in the owner’s budget so what can he do? He’s not going to increase what he’s paying in labor costs and still remain in business. Someone has to get fired.

The CBO reported a $10.10 minimum wage would cost 500,000 jobs, with most benefits going to the non-poor. Those losing their jobs are the same people the President and Democrats say they want to bring out of poverty. Now they will be paid not to work by the government, just what the Democrats want. Why else would they push this? Everything liberals do accomplishes the opposite of its intended purpose.

Randy Miller
Carrollton, OH


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