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To the Editor:
Guns, God and Country.... I believe that it is your right, to either believe in God, or choose not to believe in God and in our country. I am a believer, but support your right to believe what you want to.

I further believe that you have the right to like or dislike guns, and in our great Country it is your right to purchase one, or not to own one.

Finally, I believe that if you chose not to be armed in your home, and an intruder breaks into your home, you will immediately call someone with a gun, and pray that they show up quickly.

Our Constitution guarantees us the right to keep and bear arms. This was NOT placed there so we can hunt and it is obvious by the context in which it was written. Check it out.

This right was clearly stated in our Country’s originating documents to keep our OWN GOVERNMENT from attempting to disarm its OWN citizens in the future. It is now.... The future.

If you don’t agree, please support the constitution on this principal, as these are the things that protect your right to disagree with things, and not be simply jailed for it.

Kenneth Joseph
Carrollton, OH


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