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To the Editor:
Some people seem to think it’s all right to write a letter and invent  “facts” to support their opinion. For example, “our chances of being killed by a gun are astronomically higher than any other industrialized nation” is not true. Russia and Brazil have the highest murder rates in the world, right across our southern border in Mexico there is a war in progress, estimates on the number of murders are around 15,000; many of these are women, children and the elderly. Guns are totally outlawed in these countries.

Hitler accomplished what he did because of propaganda. Firearms were registered, confiscated and then the slaughter began. This same pattern occurred in other countries as well. An elderly acquaintance from Czechoslovakia who lived through this situation, said, “first your guns, then your liberty.”

Violent crime in this country has been in a steady decline for the last 10 years even though the assault weapons ban expired in 2004. States that have enacted right to carry laws have seen crime rates decrease. The states with the most gun laws also have the most crime. You can go to the FBI uniform crime statistics and find all these figures. There are 26,000 gun laws on the books, why would anyone think more laws will make a difference?

A few years ago in Luby’s cafeteria in Texas, a young lady saw her parents killed by a gunman. Her own legal handgun was locked  in her car because the sign on the door read, “No guns allowed.” She later went on to become a state legislator and always maintained she could have stopped the killing if she had her gun.

Anyone who objectively looks into this issue based on facts is going to have to admit more gun laws aren’t going to help. We have armed guards for our politicians, banks, courthouses and in some libraries and social security offices, why not in schools?

Bill Skipper
Carrollton, OH  


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