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To the Editor:
A few related questions about First Amendment rights in the U.S. Constitution.

1. Do you claim ownership of your tongue?

2. Is the right to free speech inseparable from the concept of ownership?

3. Isn’t freedom of the press merely an extension of your tongue and ownership?

With these questions in mind, isn’t it generally agreed that the print media functions in the local public arena freely and enjoys First Amendment protection thereby creating a free press?

In theory, the print media should print the news in a non-biased fashion, but be free to print their political commentary as they see fit as long as it is labeled commentary.

In reality, the media is biased because they get their news from a common liberal source, the wire services. Conversely, they refuse to print politically conservative articles by local citizens that might correct the imbalance.

This corporate media, with their leftist world view of life, disdain of Tea Party political participation in their newspapers still enjoy the before mentioned benefits of Constitutional liberty themselves. Therefore, individually protected thought/speech does not apply to you – in their view.

The founders considered free speech and private property. It was a protected, God-given right to be exercised in a free press. Yet only certain politically correct speech is admissible in the corporate media’s private pages. These are the attitudes of tyranny!

In conclusion, there is not a sufficient quantity of wisdom in the press today to realize their error in judgment. Therefore, we do not have a truly free press.

Gary Ervin
New Philadelphia, OH


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