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To the Editor:
On Jan. 31, a federal judge ruled the health care law to be unconstitutional – the entire thing. The judge did not say, “Oh, go ahead and implement the thing while you appeal it.”

On Feb. 3, a vote was taken in the Senate to reject the health care law. Every Democratic Senator voted against it. Are they not defying the Constitution and the judge’s ruling? Even the Obama Administration is ignoring the judge’s decision by continuing to implement the law. I’m not surprised. They did the same thing during the drilling moratorium in the Gulf.

Senator Dick Durbin told the Cybercast news service the administration should absolutely continue enforcing Obama health care because Federal Judge Roger Vinson ruled only that the law is unconstitutional. He had a chance to issue an injunction but didn’t do so. The judge says the executive branch must obey. He specifically says his decision is “the functional equivalence of an injunction.”

The law has been declared unconstitutional and it’s being swept under the rug. I assure you that if a federal judge had declared Bush’s invasion of Iraq unconstitutional and he ignored the ruling, the media and the Democrats would be all over this and screaming to halt all military actions.

There are three separate branches of government and we have one ignoring another. That is not democracy: it is lawlessness.

Randy Miller
Carrollton, OH


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