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To the Editor:
What is Motivating your Patriotism?

When I was running for the U.S. Congress in the 2010 primary in Ohio, I had the chance to speak to many of the county Republican Parties around Ohio’s 18th Congressional District. My message was constant throughout: A major part of the fix for our nation’s unraveling is neither the Democrat or the Republican Party, but that it is the Constitution.

I believe the Constitution “saved” this nation once, and that it can save it again. For that to happen there is going to have to be a restoration of Constitutional authority and restrain to Capitol Hill, the White House, and the Supreme Court.

As a result of the past one hundred years, most people believe a return to our nation’s foundational laws (the U.S. Constitution) is unlikely. It is felt that nothing will ever change, and that the corruption and party-first-politics is all but a permanent fixture in Washington D.C.

Yet, with the overwhelming rise of people in America educating themselves on the current issues, the un-revised history of America, and the principles of our Founding Father’s political views, I believe America is positioned more so now than ever to return to the roots that established her as great among nations.

America was not great in her early years because of out of control prosperity, but because of her citizen’s unbridled liberties and unalienable rights. The rights that come from God to every human being that no man or government can give or take away. Immeasurable floods of people came to this new nation primarily not for increased income, but to stand in the warm light of absolute freedom: A freedom to live your life as your convictions led you to, and all without the abusive restraints or control from a government.

As I communicated to the Republican Party this past year, you can either become the party that defends and upholds the U.S. Constitution above all things, or you can become irrelevant to the cause that is the American people. We cannot serve a political party, but we must serve the truths of human freedom, which are found in the heart of Almighty God.

Do not look to Washington D.C. with disgust and anger, but let us look to our own hearts. We are the ones who both sent these people to government and let them do what they have done. In short, we have the government that we deserve. If we want a different product in Washington, then we must change the ingredients. Let it begin and end with you and me.

The only way this ends well is with us pushing forward as compelled by morality, integrity, and liberty. If our movement is primarily financially motivated, then we are doomed to fail. With our hearts fastened to the righteous cause of Freedom, then like General George Washington knew… we will win against all odds, because our cause is divinely motivated.

Hombre Liggett


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