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To the Editor:
Our nation has moved God out. People vote for what they are, not who God is. Our nation was founded on God but is moving away from Him now. We become slaves or servants of the government when God is removed from our consciences. If we serve a dictator, we will be a miserable people. I pray people will see what is happening before it’s too late to turn back to what kept us a free nation.

When it only matters that we serve what lies within us, the devil can really take advantage of us. That’s why we see more and more chaos in our schools and everywhere. If God is not within us, we are misled. One thing I know is that the students or people who have made the choice for Christ in their lives do not conduct themselves in a threatening or violent way. Our nation is not a better place because of the changes we are asked to accept.

As a school board member, I feel it is my responsibility, even if not popular, to say that until we return to teaching our children at a very young age who God is and why we should respect His laws, we put them at risk of chaos in our schools. Our political leaders are not going to save this country no matter what party they are. Turn back to God and pray, learn His laws to live by and don’t leave Him outside the school doors.

Bonnie Little
Carrollton, OH


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