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To the Editor:
In reference to Randy Miller’s letter, I would like to add to it. 

The truth is there was a federal income tax increase for the American employee, not a payroll tax cut the way the government people want you to believe.  In December 2010, Congress voted in a federal income tax hike by approximately 2%; then they also voted the 2 % cut in what you pay into Social Security, called it a payroll tax cut and made it sound like you were putting more money into your pocket.  All this did was make things worse for Social Security and no one really had a bigger paycheck.  You watch and see after the elections how fast they jump on how we need to do something about Social Security and Medicare.  Employees have paid in to this system for years and the money should have been invested, not borrowed by our government officials.  Medicare has been altered drastically throughout the years to the extent that more and more of our retirees can’t even afford it. These are not handouts; they were earned by hard working individuals and government officials should be ashamed to try to convince the American people otherwise! 

If anyone did see an increase in their paycheck due to this so called payroll tax cut, please let us know.  I know at my work, we didn’t see one! 

Carol Puckett
Carrollton, OH 


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