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To the Editor:
On behalf of the Carroll County Arts Board I wish to thank all those who helped support our organization in the past year. Art for Everyone....this is our goal. Actively promoting creativity and imagination can help achieve the best results in everything from beauty to problem solving. We want to welcome and promote talent and creativity in all its various forms in our own backyard. We recently celebrated our past year with the annual meeting and a Gala at Great Trail Tee House. The combined entertainment, dinner and auction was fun and profitable! Many thanks to Cathy and Steve Fry, John Dendak, Rik Swarzwelder, Bill Newell and all the donors who made our event such a success.

We continue to inspire and enhance the arts through programs, classes, events, concerts, exhibits, and education. This is only possible because of our dedicated membership, volunteers, donor contributions and minimal grants. We just simply don’t exist without all these components. We thank everyone involved in any of these areas since we survive on your generosity.

Our focus in 2012 will include retiring the mortgage on our building located on the Main Street in downtown Carrollton.  We invite you to join us in keeping our location a bright spot on the landscape of Carroll County.  You can volunteer your talent, time or money.  We are a 501C3 not for profit organization and your donations will be treated as such for tax purposes. If you or your company are involved in end of the year tax planning, please consider a donation to the Carroll County Arts or other local nonprofit organizations.

Syndy Willen
Carroll County Arts Board President


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