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To the Editor:
I have never been introduced to nor do I know Mr. Joseph but I share his views on Mr. George Keyser.

I am a friend and have worked with George approximately 10 years at the fair with all age groups (approximately 16 to 70 years) and also community service people and never saw a bad bone in his body. Also, the best of my knowledge, he coached ball and does many other community services on his own time.

If George did touch the kid, it was probably for his own safety. It seems to me that Supt. Palmer Fogler is trying to break the union Mr. Keyser is president of. If I were a bus driver, I would get together and rally with George and all take at least one sick day (that he has been refused) all together to prove the union can’t be broken

Ron Gotschall
Carrollton, OH


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