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To the Editor:
To all who voted for Obama and worked to get him re-elected, it’s often said there are two great disappointments in life: 1.) Not getting what you want, and 2.) Getting what you thought you wanted. You have successfully destroyed this nation. It should now be renamed USSA (United Socialist States of America). Let me explain.

The faux election is over and the wolf is shedding his sheep’s clothing. The election was rampant with voter fraud and Romney never had a chance. According to the Columbus Dispatch, Obama miraculously won 100 percent of the vote in 21 districts in Cleveland and over 99 percent of the vote where GOP inspectors were illegally removed. Those are statistically impossible numbers, in addition to many discrepancies in other counties and states. Testimony is being heard from programmers who set electronic voting machines to report 51 percent Obama, 49 percent Romney no matter what people voted.  Do you think anything will be done aobut it? No!

Obama previously issued Executive Orders giving him control of everything: water, air, utilities and communications. There is nothing to stop him from disbanding Congress, declaring himself a dictator, instituting martial law and halting future elections. His first meeting after re-election was with Richard Trumka (head of most unions and ties to socialistic ideology) and the Progressive Caucus -  not with our legislative leaders.

The UN Global Ban Treaty was quietly taken off the table until after the election. Within a week, Hillary Clinton was being sent to re-activate it and get it passed. At first it will seem harmless, but eventually I believe it will destroy our Second Amendment right to bear arms and we will be ordered to turn in all guns; small and large.

Prepare for huge increases in utility bills, gas, food and taxes. Obama is on a mission to destroy us from within, He has certainly been successful so far: causing the country to hemorrhage financially; reducing our defense and military to pitiful levels; destroying our relationships with allies; allowing radical Islam to flourish; causing our Congress to become irrelevant and useless; and encouraging a society of sheep depending on government handouts. Within the last 90 days, he has posted 6,125 new regulations and notices on the government website - an average of 60 a day! It now costs a small business over $10,000 in regulatory overhead for every new hire. Who can afford that?

During our first four years, Obama nationalized the housing, automobile and medical industries. Except, in his second term, nationalism of the airline, oil/gas and power industries. Expect much more borrowed and tax money to be given to unproductive and unsuccessful “green” industries (buddy paychecks).

Some forms of amnesty will not only grant legitimacy to illegal aliens, it will also assure huge payments for housing, subsistence, medical care and free secondary education at public expense. That’s the only way illegals can be enslaved to vote for liberalism, which they will do.

Expect the progressive elimination of God from visibility. The concept of separation of church and state will be taken to unlawful levels so the public will eventually be unable to have any public display of religion on their lawns during the “winter holiday” (can’t call it Christmas anymore; you might offend someone). Expect more and more accommodation of Islam with disregard to Christianity. It was very evident the last four years and will become more so.

Expect increased brain washing of our college students by liberal professors teaching them to honor Karl Marx and demonstrate for Socialism.

It’s possible for three Supreme Court justices to be replaced in the next four years. Expect a very liberal Supreme Court which powerfully legislates from the bench (they are suppose to adjudicate, not legislate). The same will hold true for dozens of lower court judges. They will vote in favor of the liberal ideal. Morality is not an issue.

Be prepared for your government to encourage outside influences in your life. The UN will begin to dictate to us and we will comply. You will be forced to fall in line with Europe. It thrills other nations that we will be brought down to their standards. Putin, Castro and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are thrilled with Obama’s re-election and his goal of one-world order.

We are over $16 trillion in debt(five trillion added in the last four years) so expect total collapse of the USA economy. The only question is how long will it take? Taxing the wealthy by 100 percent would not begin to reduce the national debt. Obama will know that is not a solution but it does give him more control.

We are now enslaved by socialism. There is no turning back. The sheep must continue to vote for the master who cared for them. Obama voters and workers: remember, you got what you thought you wanted.

To my children and their children: I’m so sorry. You have been dealt a losing hand by those who are selfish and willing to sacrifice this nation for their own immediate and personal interests.

Mary Ann Marshall
Carrollton, OH 


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