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Dear Editor,
I am thankful for...you!

To all who have been so supportive of the Park District these past four years (and maybe even to some who will support us before the tax year is out!), Thank You.

Four years ago, we were basically a deed and a charter. Today, on a given week, more than thirty people work on and in your parks.  More of you flood in for our hospitality and events.

The community has answered the call and provided some $50,000 in cash support to Community Park and district projects. In-kind labor and contributions help go farther. To the volunteers who have helped us from the beginning, thank you so much.

Our amazing Bluebird partners (Jim and Randy) and their employees have made unbelievable progress. They saw our-Joyce’s-dream and made it even bigger and better. It was an amazing summer. (Our guests tell us so. They, too, are constantly grateful.)

Many hundreds of you came out for our 15+ concerts and events. And you helped organize and conduct them.

Some special volunteers help every week, including our neighbors at community park who mow: Lee Shafer, Ron & Etta Mae Peterson, Mary Ann and Dave Erwin.

Of course, the remarkable gifts of Joyce and Rick and Carol Hannon at Bluebird are a story into themselves.

And our small and tenacious staff for 2011: Chad, Avis, and helpers Crystal, Stephen, Noah. Every visitor we talk to tells us of the amazing job you do.

For all this, we remain a volunteer and donor operation. If you know anyone who’s looking to keep some money local before the tax man cometh Dec. 31, give us a call. To all, have a grateful and fulfilling Thanksgiving.

You can visit on Facebook as well.

Ed Jones
Parks Commissioner


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