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To the Editor:
This letter is in response to the young lady’s comments about our volleyball team at Carrollton High School. She felt the picture in the gym had a sexual message and the girls were posing in a suggestive manner.

The girls had the picture taken in our Ag room workshop. They had jeans, t-shirts, boots and hard hats on and were holding tools. In no way or form was there any kind of sexual message in the poster. They had a serious look on their faces because they are athletes and were trying to look intimidating. We had t-shirts that said, “we will drill you!” This is a term used quite frequently in sports. I will translate it for you. It means we will beat you…badly! That is what the picture is depicting; hard work, blue collar people who you do not want to mess with! I hope you are getting the idea.

Many times throughout the years we have had seniors make posters and not wear a uniform, but come up with an idea or theme they use during the season. The football team posed with tractors one year, the girls cross country team wore party dresses and tennis shoes this year. One year the wrestling team posed with muscle cars.

We had a gentleman from the oil and gas business donate $800 to our team this year. We purchased 100 t-shirts to sell as a fundraiser. Since the man was in the drilling business, the term “We will drill you!” was put on the back of the shirts along with the name of his company. In the game of volleyball, the term is perfect because our main goal is to hit, or drill, the ball back to the opponent as hard as possible so you can win the game. This was a great way to tie in his background and the game of volleyball in one slogan.

I think it is sad that Ms. Bell, as a graduate of Carrollton High School, would think the worst of these girls, the coaches, administration and parents. Does she know these six girls? Does she know anything about their work ethic, character and their families? They represent some of the best things about CHS. I actually came up with the slogan and the girls came up with the idea for the poster. The last thing I am going to do is ruin their reputation and neither are they. Does she really believe their parents would allow this?

I personally think she owes them and their parents an apology for insinuating they have less than moral character. I don’t really care what she thinks of me, but I can tell you that at no time since our season started and we sold t-shirts and our poster was hung in the gym, did anyone ever mention they thought the poster was inappropriate. Maybe she is the one who needs to lighten up and not think there is a dirty meaning in a sports poster hung up in her school alma mater’s gymnasium.

Lori Bryan
CHS JV Volleyball Coach
Wendy Davis
Athletic Secretary


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