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To the Editor:
I have heard excuse after excuse from Frontier saying I can’t get Internet from them because I’m inches away from their service.

How is this when the Internet comes on phone lines to hook up the modem? We have to put filters on all phone lines except modem line coming off the regular phone line.

It doesn’t matter that all of the southeast side of Mayham Rd. has high speed Internet. If you live on the northeast side of Mayham or from mile marker 18 on SR. 39 East, it is in the Bermuda Triangle zone of Carrollton. I don’t know about the rest of the neighbors, but my daughter is a starter on the Methodist University of Fayetteville, NC, basketball team and I can’t get the game on my computer with dial up and the library is closed after 7 p.m. so I can’t see the games.

I’ve been told all of these excuses about being inches from receiving a signal from the office but lines are run to my home and I get telephone service. My friend had high speed Internet from August to October and since they can’t give me high speed Internet, they won’t let them have it.

I don’t want to wait until 2012 when every other person except the northeast side of Mayham Rd. has high speed Internet. I want to see my daughter’s games for the cheap price of Frontier high speed Internet. I can’t afford satellite prices. I asked someone on live chat why we are the only road that doesn’t have the pleasure of cheap high speed Internet. I asked them if Washington Twp. had anything to do with this problem after they graded our road about five years ago and took the phone lines out. This is when live chat told me to have a nice day and hung up.

When do we have someone fix this so I can watch games online when I can’t get there?

Denise Schrader
Carrollton, OH


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