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To the Editor:
I am sick and tired of how many Christians in the Carroll County, Ohio, area have been treating me because they don’t know me or understand who I am or what I do.  I am also sick and tired of pastors and other Christians taking the verse in the Bible out of context and tell me “if I don’t work, I shouldn’t eat.”

The thing is that I know in my studies of the Bible as a pastor of my own ministry the Bible doesn’t say that. It is referring to lazy Christians. The Bible also says that those who have plenty should help the sick, lame and poor. I am sick of how my family and other people treat me because they don’t see my disabilities and they prejudge me just because of something someone else said rather than judging me on my community volunteering and all the good that I do to help the disabled and suffering through my ministry.

I am also sick and tired of people calling the Sheriff’s Department and lying to them by saying I am soliciting for money. I am only trying to talk to people about my hidden disabilities and health problems and to get help for me and my fiancée who has cerebral palsy. I am also trying to get a local spina bifida and cerebral palsy support group started.  If this is soliciting, I will stop trying to think Christians care anymore.

Rev. Dr. Robert L. McKim, Sr.
Carrollton, OH


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