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To the Editor:
Judge Sharon Kennedy has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of our country and our state and our laws. She has been doing it her entire life as a police officer, an attorney helping Ohio’s families through tough times and now as a judge in Butler County. She honors the Constitution by applying its wisdom rather than freelancing from the bench, legislating as she goes along or pursuing her own political agenda.

There is humility to Judge Kennedy’s approach to the pursuit of justice that is refreshing. She will not let power go to her head. Serving on the highest court in the state, she will look at evidence, ask tough questions, demand good answers and look to the Constitution for guidance. She will draw upon her own magnificent background when she addresses the towering issues facing Ohio.
No one is handing this Supreme Court seat to Judge Kennedy. She is going out and earning it. Judge Kennedy is no stranger to hard work and the lifelong habit of working hard and smart she will bring to every decision she renders as our newest member of the Ohio Supreme Court. Her love of the law and passion for justice will serve us well. Ohio needs her now.

Patricia Oyer
Carroll County Chair Kennedy for Ohio


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