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To the Editor:
What is it that attracts dishonest candidates to the Republican party? The last Republican Congressman for this district was convicted of criminal activity and sent to prison. The last Republican governor of Ohio was convicted of committing a crime while in office and, at the time, it was reported Bob Taft owned no property in the United States, but owned a home in Canada.  This in itself should have sent up a red flag.

Last year while millions of Americans were losing their homes to foreclosure and millions more did not have a job, John Boehner, the Republican minority leader in Congress, squandered $85,000 of American taxpayers’ money on golf course fees. Shame on you, John Boehner. Return the money to the American taxpayers or you are not better than a thief.

During the Bush administration, the corruption was so rampant that John McCain, a fellow Republican, spoke of it in his campaign speeches. When the Republicans in Washington voted against the Public Option and Medicare buy-in, they denied every American under the age of 65 their freedom to choose their health care provider. They forced every American to buy from a private insurance company. Last year, the CEO of Aetna insurance was paid $38 million. Now get this, the CEO for United Health Care was paid $102 million and the Republicans in Washington, by voting down the Public Option and Medicare buy-in, gave the private insurance companies 30 million new customers.

I believe that to vote Republican will mean the end to Social Security, Medicare and unemployment benefits. I don’t believe the Republican party cares about the American middle class or the poor class and I used to be a die-hard Republican.

Marc Blanc
North Canton, OH


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