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To the Editor:
The world is not a very safe place today.  Ever since the tragedy of the bombing of the World Trade Towers on Sept.11, 2001, and the subsequent disasters in Europe and around the globe, our normal way of life has taken a dramatic turn.  For this cause, we have sent our boys and now our girls over to fight a war that has no seemingly end in sight.  It is a war on terror and, those who are believers in Jesus Christ, know that this kind of war has no boundaries and no end. 

Yet, without a draft, young men and women knowingly put themselves in harms way and enlist in the armed forces.  Some do it because they feel it is their patriotic duty.  Some do it because there simply are no jobs available so they enlist hoping that they can find a better way of life when they get out.  For whatever gain, it is commendable that these young people serve our country.  It is more than just patriotic, for it also gives us a ray of hope on the character of our upcoming generations. 

It is to this end that Terry Wright enlisted in the United States Marines.  As with his fellow enlistees, he joined knowing the danger and peril that could be at stake, yet he put his life on the line every day he was on duty and, in the end, paid the ultimate sacrifice.  For his bravery and character of performing his duty in harms way we give a hearty “Semper Fi” to our young, fallen Marine.

The community outdid itself in preparing to host his final homecoming.  The events that led up to his arrival on Wednesday showed an outpouring of the respect and love that our community has for its soldiers serving around the world.  As the pastor of the Carrollton Bible Chapel, I had an insight into much of the behind the scenes work that it took to prepare for the funeral and the dinner following his final ride to his resting place. 

To the many individuals who worked unselfishly and tirelessly behind the scenes I know that the Wright family is grateful for your service.  If I began to name names, I know that I would forget someone and I would not want to offend anyone who served in this noble purpose.  However,  you know who you are and for your gift of your time, energy, and resources, the Wright family and your community thanks  you. 

To Mrs. Palmer Fogler and the Carrollton Exempted Village School District, we want to say a special “Thank You” for providing the use of the school gym, the cafeteria, and its facilities to have this special event.  And to the workers who donated your time and effort to keep the building open and cleaned up after us, a special “Thank You” too!  Your special kindness and gift provided the opportunity for many to be a part of this historic event in our community. 

To the companies who donated, sponsored, gave and participated in the process we also say thank you.  You are successful in our community not just because you are in business here but because you also have the heart of the community.  It is why we do business with you.  Your unselfish giving provided much relief for the family of the time before, during, and after the funeral.  You are indeed a blessing to our community. 

To the Marines whose professionalism and heroic deeds keep us free every day, we say a grateful “Thank You”.  To the Carroll County Sheriff’s department and the other services who helped provide a safe rite of passage both to the school and to the cemetery we also say “Thank You”.  Lastly among this group, who could forget the impressive display of Marines and veterans no longer in active service and the patriots who rode with them ,providing both security and a patriotic display that will forever be ingrained in our hearts and minds. 

Finally, to the Carroll County Ministerial Association, thank you for praying outside of the gym while the funeral was taking place.  Your place was noted and appreciated.  Also, to their churches whose individuals gave of their time and resources we also say thank you.  It was indeed a community-wide effort.
If I forgot anyone please forgive me.  I know your time and talent was not wasted on this event.  God truly blessed our community this past week. You proved again that anything is possible if we work together as a community.  

The flags have mostly been picked up.  School is back in session and work is going on just like it did a week ago.  Much is the same for us who were not directly affected by this tragedy but for the Wright family this week still brings the memory of the missing family member who they loved and admired to heart and mind.  Let us as a community not forget in the busyness of our week to continue to pray and uplift this family before our Lord.  Thank you again Carrollton and Carroll County for your patriotic and loving support of our fallen hero, Terry Wright. 

Pastor Chuck Wilson
The Carrollton Bible Chapel


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