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To the Editor:
In one month, the citizens living within the Carrollton Exempted School District will be presented with an opportunity to vote on an Emergency Operating Levy for the district. The money generated by this levy is for operating the school district; not for new buildings. It will have a five year life span and will disappear at the end of that time. It cannot be re-imposed by the school board. It must be voted back by the citizenry.

Like anyone trying to manage their own household and business, the schools are faced with increasing expenses while income continues to stay flat or decrease. To this point, the District has been surviving by utilizing cash reserves/carryover and taking steps to reduce their expenses. A point will soon come when there will be no more cash reserves and no more areas to cut expenses without drastically cutting services to the students. This school board and superintendent are being pro-active in asking for your approval of this levy to avoid disruptions in services.

The current school board and Superintendent inherited a lot of baggage from prior years and administrations. The district did not get into this situation overnight, nor will it be able to get out of it overnight as well. We need to give them an opportunity to lead us out of this situation and preserve the level of services and opportunities we currently have for our children.

There will have to be belt tightening whether the levy passes or not. How tight depends on each and every one of us. I urge you to attend levy information meetings. Talk to your neighbors. Stop by your schools and talk to the staff. Become an informed voter and consider all of the options. We are talking about the education of our children. We are talking about our future. I close by using an idea put forth by former President John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your school district can do for you. Ask what you can do for your school district”. See you at the polls.

Thomas Konst
Carrollton, OH


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