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To the Editor:
I would like to offer an explanation for my answer to Mr. Sanford’s inquiry about vehicle sales taxes. He was right about the two-tier tax on new versus used vehicle purchases with a trade-in in Ohio. I did find the law in Ohio Revised Code tax exemptions. I’ve had a problem researching when this law was passed, but I will find the answer and make it known as soon as possible. I will not offer false hope to those seeking quick solutions for one group that causes discrimination against another or raises taxes for all.

The tax code is filled with numerous exemptions for all sorts of business and consumer items. Most are aware that food purchased at a store or restaurant for off-site consumption and prescription medicines are sales tax exempt. Elimination or inclusion of certain or all exemptions is not the answer to the tax problem.

We need to reduce the size and scope of government intrusion into the daily affairs of consumers and business. Ohio needs to become business friendly to attract new opportunities for job seekers from all walks of life seeking gainful employment. As the business base expands, citizens and business taxes could be reduced as more money enters and stays in Ohio.

I bring to the table four decades of common sense from the perspective of a blue-collar worker and business owner. I owe no allegiance to any group or political action committee, only the citizens of the 61st District and Ohio. I vow to keep it that way. Thomas Paine once said, “That government is best that governs least.” I promise to do my utmost to make Ohio the best state in the Union.

Michael Foit
Republican candidate, Ohio 61st District
Amsterdam, OH


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